Untitled-1Shoily Center is a central platform of all shoily initiatives. It combines all our projects in a single portal. Shoily Center’ always welcomes responsible and talented people who want to lend their time and skills to help realizing revolution, who believe in ‘thoughts turns live’ and help make ‘shoily Center’ a success. Your role at ‘shoily Center’ will, giving you the chance to prove if you are a doer and a challenger.

The Shoily Centre has been the one-stop resource centre for all shoily project related activities in Bangladesh. It keeps the spirit of the national activities movement very high through various projects, social media, publications, and websites. The shoily Centre also helps forge lasting, productive relationships among all social activities institutions around the nation. The Centre is controlled by shoily team at this moment.

The Centre also aims to aggrandize shoily team’ existing social projects taken by shoily team members of that work in the field such as of poverty eradication initiated by shoily foundation. The development of social media focusing on the work of shoily projects will enhance the exposure of its ideas on a natio scale.

If you think you can become an important part of the team then email us shortly: shoilyblog@gmail.com.